Who We Are

The PowerNet Group (TPG) is a consortium of non-profit agencies, faith-based organizations, for-profit enterprises, small businesses, community groups, concerned citizens and other members of the grassroot community working together to improve the quality of life of adults and juveniles with, or at risk of, criminal records.  TPG functions as an umbrella organization to provide optional infrastructural support, technical assistance, and programmatic resources to its members and affiliates.

All consortium members share a common goal, strategy, and set of evidence-based prevention and intervention practices that address the criminogenic needs of adults and juveniles with, or at risk of, criminal records. TPG also advocates for changes in policies and laws within private and public sector organizations that unfairly, unreasonably, and unjustifiably limit the opportunities of individuals who have paid their debt to society. All TPG Members are committed to a collaborative approach to addressing recidivism, crime, and poverty by working together to implement a strength-based, theory-driven, community-wide intervention intended to increase our community’s capacity to improve the quality of life and facilitate the long-term success of each person, family, and neighborhood that has been negatively impacted by crime.