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The PowerNet Group

welcomes you to our 2020 CENSUS & VOTING RIGHTS Outreach Campaign!!!

The primary purpose of this campaign, which received financial assistance from the Allegany Franciscan Ministries Foundation, is to provide information about, and encourage participation in, the 2020 Census and the 2020 election process with particular emphasis on individuals, families and neighborhoods that have been affected, directly or indirectly, by the criminal justice system.

Every 10 years the US Constitution requires a full and accurate count of our U.S. population in order to fairly distribute more than $675 billion in federal funds annually. These funds are used to support housing, education, transportation, employment, health care, and other social programs. Some of these funds are intended to help individuals and families that face discrimination and/or disenfranchisement due to a criminal record…including persons in low-income households, communities of color, the immigrant population and pre-school children.

It will be very helpful to this campaign if you would please answer our online survey that can be started by clicking anywhere on the flyer above. This survey will provide important information about your experience with the criminal justice system that will be used to advocate for CHANGE in the system. Your answers will be anonymous. We have no way of knowing what individual answers each survey. All of the answers from all of the surveys will be combined to get an overall picture of how the community feels about the 2020 Census, voting rights and the criminal justice system. Immediately after completing the anonymous survey, feel free to register to win one of over 150 gift cards that will be given away. The winners will be notified by email or text no later than January 25, 2020.

Thank you for taking the time to help us gather important information that will eventually help those most in need in our community. We look forward to your input and/or active participation in the very near future as we work together to “Instill HOPE and Inspire CHANGE”  in our community.

Who We Are

The PowerNet Group (TPG) is a consortium of non-profit agencies, faith-based organizations, for-profit enterprises, small businesses, community groups, concerned citizens and other members of the grassroot community working together to improve the quality of life of adults and juveniles with, or at risk of, criminal records.  TPG functions as an umbrella organization to provide optional infrastructural support, technical assistance, and programmatic resources to its members and affiliates.

All consortium members share a common goal, strategy, and set of evidence-based prevention and intervention practices that address the criminogenic needs of adults and juveniles with, or at risk of, criminal records. TPG also advocates for changes in policies and laws within private and public sector organizations that unfairly, unreasonably, and unjustifiably limit the opportunities of individuals who have paid their debt to society. All TPG Members are committed to a collaborative approach to addressing recidivism, crime, and poverty by working together to implement a strength-based, theory-driven, community-wide intervention intended to increase our community’s capacity to improve the quality of life and facilitate the long-term success of each person, family, and neighborhood that has been negatively impacted by crime.

What We Do

One of The PowerNet Group (TPG)’s highest priorities is to selectively recruit, train and empower disengaged, disadvantaged or disenfranchised individuals with, and at risk of, criminal records so they can reach their full potential as they discover their own unique combination of natural talents, spiritual gifts, and developed skills.  Empowered with these newly discovered personal assets –coupled with an individualized long-term strategic plan – every individual will have a clear and open path to greater levels of personal, family and career success which they will then leverage to positively influence other at-risk youth and/or adults in their community.

To achieve this ambitious goal, TPG members are strongly encouraged to cooperate, coordinate and collaborate with other non-profit, faith-based, for-profit, governmental and criminal justice agencies that serve this same population.  TPG considers it very important to identify, utilize and promote the most effective best practices to support the full social, economic and political reintegration of persons currently, formerly or at risk of incarceration.

TPG has also developed centralized systems for its affiliates to collect process and outcome data necessary to determine the efficiency, effectiveness, and fidelity of its strategies and services for the purposes of program improvement, public transparency and strategic planning.  Lastly, TPG has developed systems for managing financial and human resources, marketing and sales, and other back-office functions for the optional use by its members.

Why We Do It

The criminal justice system has struggled for decades to effectively balance its primary public safety role of enforcing the rules and penalties of law through its policing, prosecutory, judicial, and penal institutions with its very important but secondary role of reducing and preventing crime through its public defenders, probation/ parole agencies in collaboration with its social service and faith-based partners. Because these roles are often in competition for limited public resources and are heavily influenced by the prevailing politics – the criminal justice system administrators have usually, and justifiably, prioritized its role and responsibility to our society. Therefore, our law enforcement officers are overworked, our courts are jammed packed and our jails and prisons are usually at or over-capacity. Juxtaposed with this discriminatory and error-prone state of affairs, are public defenders pressured by the courts to accept plea deals on behalf of their clients, probation and parole officers with unmanageably large caseloads, and the vast majority of community groups, social service and faith-based organizations – although eager to help – feeling disconnected from “the system” and powerless to do anything about it.

The PowerNet Group – which believes in a system of government of the people, by the people and for the people – intends to provide an opportunity for any concerned citizen (with or without a criminal record), community groups, non-profit, faith-based, or for-profit company to identify their optimal role and become part of a regional effort to reverse the inequitable and deleterious pattern of criminal justice administration in the Tampa Bay area…and beyond.  Only through a diverse, broad-based, community-wide effort can the thousands of men, women and juveniles struggling to avoid initial or continuing contact with the criminal justice system, raise their level of hope and expect their lives to change.

Who Benefits

The intended beneficiaries of this ever-expanding consortium of concerned citizens and agencies are: 1) The individuals with, and at risk of, criminal records; 2) The families and those in support of persons with, and at risk of, criminal records; 3) The neighborhoods and communities most affected; 4) The criminal justice system stakeholders and concerned citizens including: 

law enforcement, prosecutors, public defenders, the judiciary, probation departments, the penal system, parole departments, social and human service agencies, faith-based organizations, private corporations, as well as civic and other grassroots community groups.